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What Is Felt Roofing?

At Just Roofing, we often get asked as to what felt roofing is and how it benefits the roofs of our homes. In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of installing felt roofing for our homes.

Why Is Felt Roofing Necessary?

Felt Roofing is widely known to be installed onto flat roofs of sheds, garages and extensions. It consists of two to three layers of felt, forming a firm barrier. Therefore, the characteristics of felt roofing offers resistance to water and wind.

Is Felt Roofing Waterproof?

Felt Roofing can be coated with waterproof materials such as tar, to prevent moisture. If your roofing has multiple layers of felt, it will give extra protection to ensure that the roof is completely waterproof.

How Long Does Felt Roofing Last and How Can I Check My Felt Roofing Is Working Fine?

Felt Roofing is known to be highly durable and usually lasts around thirty years.

To ensure your felt roofing is in fully working order, be sure to check your roofing after a heavy rain, snow or storm. If you notice any ponding, it could be a sign of drainage issues that may lead to leakage.

Is Felt Roofing Harmful?

Manufacturers added asbestos to roofing felt until 1992, in which the UK banned it. As a result, not all roofing felt will contain asbestos. People who carry out work on asbestos material must receive the correct information, instruction and training, so be sure to discuss with your roofer if the roofing felt complies with the laws in place.

Is Felt Roofing Waterproof?

One of our commonly asked questions is whether felt roofing is waterproof. In short, the answer is yes. From a practical point of view, felt roofing consists of multiple layers. The reason as to why underlay is applied to allow for the safe disposal of water, preventing damage to the roof and building.

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